Service & support

Free Local Delivery

Up to 10 miles from our store, charges apply for any deliveries in the congestion charge zone


Freestanding Washing Machine £25
Freestanding Dishwasher £25
Built-In Washing Machine £90
Built-In Dishwasher £90
Built-In refrigeration £90
Built-in Ovens £90
Freestanding Cooker £75
Recyling Old Appliance (excluding refrigeration) £20
Recyling Old Refrigeration Appliance £20

After Sales Care

We recommend contacting the manufacturer first if within the warranty/guarantee for any repairs.

For any advice or guidance contact us on 020 8894 9889 or email us.


For Dishwasher, Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer repairs please contact GT Harris our approved engineer on 020 8546 0411 or contact us.

For Fridge Freezer and Oven (Gas and Electric) repairs please contact us on 020 8894 9889 or email us.

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